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5x5x5 Reading Plan & Devotional: Mark 1

Need a reading plan for the new year? The Discipleship Journal has created a simple reading plan that is called the 5x5x5 plan. 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, 5 ways to dig deeper. I thought it would be fun and helpful to try to do this plan together, for the sake of mutual encouragement and consistency in God’s word.

Each day a video will be posted on the blog of me going through the text and trying my best to keep it around the 5 min mark. Again, this is meant to be a help to you given how full our days can be. The hope is to build a desire to spend more time in God’s word each day, and to build the habit of faithful Bible reading.

The video can be found here, on the app or website in the Media section, or even through our podcast.  Below is the first video on Mark 1. The plan can be downloaded here.