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Announcements 12.6.17


Women’s Event:  December 9th 6-8p.m.

Saturday, December 9th from 6:00-8:00pm at Bethel’s Youth House- 2323 17th Ave Greeley, CO  80631
Come join us for some light snacks and a chance to hear a few women share God’s truth.

Youth Group Events: November 8th @ 7:00 p.m.

Calling all youth 6th grade to 12 grade for a fun night of bible study, games and snacks.  We offer youth group on the 2nd and 4th Friday’s Each month. If you need more info please contact Lindsay Yackey (970-373-9469) or Tom Grove (970-373-3311).

Youth Group Operations Christmas Child Boxes: December 16th, 2017

We can take 16 kids to the processing center on Saturday Dec 16th.  We will be leaving around 8:00 am and will not be back until late afternoon/early evening. **Kids must be 13 to go!**.  Please let Laura Polk know if you are interested in attending.

Meals for Aricayos Family

Krista fell hanging christmas lights and broke her tail bone a couple weeks ago.  We would like to provide them with some meals and help.  Please sign up below.  goo.gl/AYrypz

Christmas Program Practice: December 16th 2017 9 – 10 am

First off, your kids are working really hard and doing a great job!! We only have TWO more practices before the performance on December 17th. The 10th will be our last Sunday practice and then we will have a practice on Saturday, December 16th, 9-9:45/10am at the church. It is very important that your children attend the Saturday practice ESPECIALLY if they have lines. It will give them a chance to practice on stage and come forward to the microphone to say their lines. PLEASE continue to play the cd so the kids know all the songs and encourage them to practice their lines (if they have some), saying them loudly and clearly. It’s ok if they don’t have their lines memorized just yet, but it is very important that they be able to read them on their own so they can deliver them without help. Also please help them memorize which song their lines are after so they know when to come forward. If your child has decided he can’t/doesn’t want to deliver his lines on stage, please let me know as we have a few children who did not get a part and would love one. Whew, thanks for reading through all of that ☺️ if you have questions or concerns, please let me know. Lastly, please invite all your friends and family to come watch on the 17th! Thanks everyone, it has been so fun teaching your kids and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on!

Moms in Prayer: Every Tuesday

In a culture that seeks to steal our children, we are moms who gather one hour each week to battle for them and their schools in prayer. When we place our children and their schools into God’s care, He calms our fears and fills us with His peace and hope. That’s what Moms in Prayer is all about.

Rebecca Andrews and Janet Grove will be starting a Moms in Prayer group that will start Oct. 24th. We will meet at the Grove’s home every Tuesday starting at 8:15am. There will be an adjoining room for kiddos if you need to bring any with you.

Please contact Rebecca (970-391-9101 or barryandrebecca@hotmail.com) or Janet with any questions you might have.

Honduras Mission Trip

Have you ever felt the desire or call to be involved in international missions?  We will be taking a team of people to serve on a short-term mission trip in Choluteca Honduras June 16-24, 2018.  We will be working with the Great Commission Church in Choluteca to serve and share the Gospel in an orphanage, and work in some of the poorest neighborhoods in their community.

If you are interested in joining this outreach, please contact Jason Hubbard for more information.  (email: jdhub112@hotmail.com, 970-301-2981)

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

This is an amazing opportunity to gain the perspectives on the world that you may not naturally have. As was mentioned on Sunday, childcare is absolutely free no matter how many children you have, so you parents can do this together at the couple rate, which should be about $22/week for about 15 or so weeks. These are the cheapest date nights you may ever have, and maybe the most intentional and beneficial. For an overview of what Perspectives is you can go to perspectives.org. Here is some of the information for the class offered in Greeley

Location: Cornerstone Community Church 1321 9th Avenue
Time: Tuesdays 6-9pm
Dates: January 16, 2018- May 1, 2018
Cost: $250 per person (Early bird, family, and book discounts available)

Summitview is also offering a $25 discount from an anonymous donor.

FREE childcare Contact Amanda Visser for more details (970) 347-0006

For more information on Perspective and to Register, click the following link:

Sunday School: Help Still Needed

Thanks to all who are signed up to serve on our 2016/2017 Sunday School rotation! We only have one spot left to fill in the Preschool Gospel Project Class for the Oct/Jan/April/July rotation.

*If you can help with one of these, please contact Krista Aricayos or Marlys Clark ASAP.

Bulletin Entries & Announcements

If you have information you want to submit for the Sunday Bulletin and/or to be announced on a Sunday Morning, please see the following guidelines:
Please submit your request in writing, as to assure spoken requests aren’t forgotten. Please email Marlys Clark and Rebecca Andrews.(marlys.clark@gmail.com and rebeccaanneandrews@gmail.com)Also, once Paul returns from his sabbatical for the month of November, please also submit request emails to him.(paulpavlik@summitviewcommunity.org)Please submit your request by the Friday (by 1pm) before the Sunday Service..
Your request will be entered into the bulletin and can also be announced at the following Sunday Service.  It can then also be entered into the weekly email the week following the Sunday Service.

Thanks for helping us create a process for bulletin entries and announcements that will help assure that requests are not missed.

Faithwalkers Midwest: December 29th – January 1st

The Faithwalkers conference came from the desire to give young men and women the opportunity to hear pastors who have been devoted to Jesus Christ and the Great Commission. At Faithwalkers, people get a chance to hear those men’s stories of faith, to benefit from those men’s life experiences, and to learn from those men who have been in the arena for many years. The conference provides a way to continue to pass on the core beliefs of the Great Commission church movement. It is a rallying conference for everyone: young people, couples, parents, and families, to inspire them to be devoted to Jesus Christ and the Great Commission.

The name Faithwalkers was inspired by the Scripture: “We walk by faith and not by sight,” (II Cor. 5:7). Also the name Faithwalkers makes a connection to the Native American culture where they would sit around the campfire with the “old ones” listening to them tell stories of the great hunt and deeds of the past. As Christians, older believers are to proclaim the deeds of God to younger believers, as is written in Psalm 78:4: “We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord.” Christians from Great Commission churches gather to be inspired to live passionate lives for their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Register Here: goo.gl/oDNWaw



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