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Behind the Sermon: Romans 1:1-7 (Part 2)

What you don't see in these videos is that I am constantly thinking about whether or not what I have written down is true and accurate or not. This is why I utilize commentaries by sources that I trust. Sometimes something can sound right during study, and then after thinking about it some more and doing some research you realize that you were wrong. Personally, I appreciate when I find that I misunderstood something because I would rather be wrong at first and then right than stick to my guns and be stubbornly wrong.

Now, there are times when I will disagree with a commentary, but it is usually on slightly. If I find that I totally disagree that just means that I really need to study it out more to make sure that I really have a firm foundation for why I disagree.

These are just a few thoughts since I know that some of the things I said in these videos would not be things I would take to the pulpit. Don't take them as such. They are just me thinking out loud. The prayer and struggle of wrestling with the text and then putting it into a final outline is not something worth putting on video.

This is the second part of this series on the first seven verses of Romans 1. The third part will be posted this evening.

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