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Join us at Summitview Community Church every Sunday starting at 9:30am.

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East Location Address:
801 37th Street
Evans, CO 80620
Sunday Service at 9:30 AM

    • What to Expect

      When you come in the front door, you will be greeted with a handout with the day's message notes and announcements. You'll have the opportunity to grab a drink at our coffee bar and if you have kids and want them in the children's programs, you can check them into their classes (see below). From there you'll move into our auditorium. If you are a parent and you want your kids with you, you are more than welcome to have them sit with you through the service!

      At 9:30 am, we'll start the service by singing a song together, then you will hear some brief announcements and, after a short break, one of the pastors will teach (on most Sundays the same teaching is given by the same pastor at both of our locations). After the message we close with a few songs as praise to God in response to what we have learned about Him! Older kids will be released from their classes at the start of the songs to join their parents for the time of worship. Younger kids will remain in their classrooms and can be picked up after the service.

    • Music

      Our bands at the East Location range from a couple of people with acoustic instruments to bands of six or seven musicians.

      We sing songs that are a mixture of praise songs and classic hymns with modern arrangements. Our desire is to sing songs that are musically enjoyable but also theologically rich and accurate.

    • Children’s

      One thing you will notice when you visit Summitview is that we love kids! There will be a lot of them around at our Sunday services.

      At our East Campus, we have an array of Children's Programs, including Sunday School classes for nursery aged kids up through 5th grade. Each of our classrooms is staffed by volunteer teachers and helpers that love to care for kids and teach them about God.

      If your preference is to keep your children with you in the service, you are more than welcome to. We have a number of families that do this every week.

    • During the Week

      The Sunday service is a vital part of the Christian life, but what we do during the week is just as important. We do not cease being the church when we leave the building on Sunday and we cherish relationships with one another throughout the week.

      As part of this desire to be connected, we have Community Groups that meet throughout the week in people's homes.

      We also have men's, women's, and youth ministries that meet at various times during the month (these particular ministries are shared between both campuses).

      If you have visited and enjoyed Summitview, you can learn more about these opportunities by asking a pastor, any Summitview regular attender, or you can create an account on our private social media network for Summitview called The Table where you can look at various groups and keep up on all that is happening in the church!

    Welcome to Summitview

    Thanks for choosing to visit our web site to learn more about Summitview! If this is your first time here, a great place to start would be with our welcome video. It will give an overview of what we are all about and provides a 'virtual' visit to one of our Sunday morning services.

    After that, feel free to browse the web site to learn more about us, to get information about our services and locations, and get a sampling of our Sunday teachings. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you soon!

    Latest Teaching

    Micah 1

    We are currently transitioning to a new media page and media player for our site. You can access the content for MIcah 1, including discussion questions at

    Nahum 2

    Join the Conversation

    Online Giving Options

    Planning Center: Online Giving

    Planning center also offers text message giving. Text any dollar amount to 84321. You will be prompted to set up an account and find our church. After you set up an account, you can simply text the dollar amount to that number and it will automatically deposit your gift to Summitview Community Church.

    Office Phone:
    Mailing Address:
    801 37th Street
    Evans, CO 80620

    Join us at Summitview Community Church every Sunday starting at 9:30am. For more information about our service please visit our guest page.