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1.20.19 Announcements

Charitable Giving Reports

Our charitable giving reports have been emailed/mailed out.  If you have been sent an email, it will be coming from “Intuit E-Commerce Service” (which is our Quickbooks program), so please check your junk mail folder if you don’t see your report.

Also, we can print out a copy of your giving report if you need. You can talk to Rebecca Andrews for any requests or if you have any questions.

Memory Madness- sign up today!

Memory Madness starts next week, January 27th. Today, you can go to the table to sign up.

5x5x5 Reading Plan

Need a reading plan for the new year? The Discipleship Journal has created a simple reading plan that is called the 5x5x5 plan.  5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, 5 ways to dig deeper.  We thought it would be fun and helpful to try to do this plan together, for the sake of mutual encouragement and consistency in God’s word.

Each day Paul will post a video on the blog of him going through the text for 5 minutes. Again, this is meant to be a help to you given how full our days can be.  The hope is to build a desire to spend more time in God’s word each day, and to build the habit of faithful Bible reading.

The video can be found on the blog, on the app or website, in the Media section, or even through our podcast.  Also, there or in our weekly email you can find a PDF of the plan to download.

Prayer Requests

Please submit prayer requests using our app or our website.  We love to keep our church body informed on individual needs so we can all be praying and supporting one another. You can access needs by using our Prayer Guide on our app or website where specific prayer requests are added on a regular basis 010000000100


John 15:18-27

Ongoing Events

Women’s Night- 2nd Saturday of each month, 6-8pm

Men’s Breakfast- 3rd Saturday of each month, 8am

Moms in Prayer- Tuesdays,  8:30-9:30am

Inner Room Prayer Group- 1st Friday of month at 7am

Youth Group- Wednesdays from 7-8:30pm

Contact Info


Paul Pavlik


Mike Bonnell


General  Enquiries, Bulletin/Announcement Requests


Please submit your bulletin and announcement request by noon on the Friday before the Sunday Service.

Building Use

If you would like to use our building, please contact Rebecca Andrews to avoid scheduling conflicts.



There are plenty of opportunities to help out at Summitview. If you aren’t currently serving but would like to, please fill out the Volunteer form in the app or on the website.

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