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10.20.19 Announcements

Youth Group Game Night- this Saturday!

Highschoolers!  We will be going to Summitview Fort Collins Saturday, October 26th to join them for their Fall Game Night from 5pm-9pm.  The cost is $5 per person.  We will meet at the church at 3.45pm with a 4pm departure.

Join Dusty Kraft with ‘Baird Survival Bags’

The Baird Survival Bag was kick started in November 2016 to help out a homeless man named Terry; a 35 year old man who stood by the entrance of a 7-11 during the coldest days of winter opening doors for customers asking if he could have a warm cup of coffee, always polite, with a big smile on his face.  Alan Baird, Dusty’s co-worker at Realty One Group, wanted to help him get back on his feet and onto the road to success.  That’s when the Baird Survival Bag was created.

Dusty will be collecting items to help those that are less fortunate and are living on the streets.  This year, Alan’s goal is to pass out 250 bags.  The best part is they are going to be giving away 30 bags up here in the Greeley area.  See the insert for a list of items to donate and a link to the GoFundMe page if you’d rather give monetarily.

Christmas Play

Thank you all who were brave and auditioned for this year’s Christmas Play! Today at noon will be the cast’s first practice. The date the play will be presented will be announced soon.

We will be presenting the play, Bartimaeus: A Christmas Story.  This is a play set in the era of the 1940’s, around the time of WWII.  It has a great message and we are excited to put this play on for our church family and friends. 

We will also have more info coming soon with any off-stage roles we still need filled.

Memory Madness

Memory Madness Madsmashing week 2 starts today! If you have not completed your mission, you can still come to the table to say your verses.  Keep working on memorizing those verses!

King Soopers Card Quarterly Report

Just by choosing Summitview as your charity of choice when using your King Soopers Card, we raised $1,243.58 this quarter! Thank you to everyone who participates in this super simple way to raise funds for our church!

Coming Soon! Remodeled Cry Room Our ‘Cry Room’ back by the sound booth is under construction. But, we are super excited for the soon-to-be reveal of this room for our Mama’s who want to snuggle or feed babies with privacy and still listen to the sermon on Sunday mornings. A big thank you to Hannah Cross for helping get it re-painted!


Psalms: Righteousness

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