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10.4.20 Announcements

Sermon: First Sunday

Pray For Our Pastors- All of October
Would join us in blessing our Pastors this month?
October is Pastor Appreciation Month and we would love to collectively pray for them each day!
Please grab a printed calendar if you didn’t get one on your way in.  You can also use the link below to print your own.
We will also be sharing some fun ways/ideas of how we can bless our Pastors this month. So, stay tuned!

Sunday School Updates
In Appreciation!
We are so appreciative of everyone who served with the Gospel Project over the 2019-2020 school year!  Thank you for your faithful and cheerful service to the children at our church!
This past week we handed out a small gift to anyone who served, if you were not at church, please see Robin Taylor or Kelli Wuest to receive a token of our appreciation for your service!
Honoring New 6th Graders
This coming Sunday, October 4th, we will be honoring those children who have entered the 6th grade and joined youth group. 
If you will not be at church please contact the Taylors or the Wuests and we have a small gift for your teen.Nursery and Toddler VolunteersThis fall, we will be offering childcare during the Sunday morning service for nursery and toddler/preschool up to age 4 and young 5 year olds. 
We are requesting people to sign up for a 2 week period during the fall. We still have open slots in the nursery and toddler room. 
If you don’t have this age of children, we’d love for you to consider signing up as a service to families with babies and toddlers in our church. 
Thank you so much!
Sign up using the link below
Conquer Series- Sundays at 2pm
The Conquer Series is not about behavior modification, but heart transformation. This life-changing, 5-week discipleship curriculum provides insights from top Christian leaders who lay out biblical strategies, scientific facts and teach men how to use God’s weapons to become conquerors.
Every man and every young man is invited to join us as we go through this series.
We meet on Sundays at2:00pm at the church building  If you have not already, please let Tom Grove know if you plan to come.  His email is tomgrove1@gmail.com.
“The Conquer Series is an amazing combination of grit and grace. God is using the Conquer Series to help us win an epic battle for our lives and our legacies.”- Kevin Noble
Memory Madness this Fall!!!
Memory Madness will be starting up again this fall and we’d love to see both our youth and our adults jump in and join us!
Memory Madness is our Bible verse memorization program and it’s a great way to memorize 10 verses this fall. There are 25 Missions to choose from, each containing 10 verses. Pick a Mission to memorize and come each Sunday with a new verse that you’ve memorized. Tell us your verse by memory at the Memory Madness table and by Thanksgiving, you will have completed your Mission of 10 verses.  
We will be doing sign ups this Sunday, September 20th and we will also be ready to listen to your first verse this Sunday as well.  There are even Mini Missions for younger children. Maybe your family or your Small Group can pick one Mission that you’d all like to memorize and you can work on it together! 
We love this program as it helps us all to live out Psalm 119:11.  “I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” 
Please contact Hannah Cross or Heather Bonnell with questions. We will both be available to listen to verses on Zoom throughout this fall as well. 
Here is a link to the program where you can pick which Mission you want to memorize.
Wellspring Retreat Updates
Ladies! Thank you for your enthusiastic response to the Wellspring Retreat times!  The October & November Wellspring retreats are full! 
There will be another opportunity to attend a Wellspring in March. If you would like to attend one, or if you have any questions about the purpose of these retreats and what they’re all about, get in touch with Erin Pavlik, Virginia Rogers or Kelli Wuest.
Sunday Morning Live Stream
We invite you to join us each Sunday for our regular Sunday morning services, but if you cannot attend,  we’d love for you to join our Live Stream using the link below.
Live Stream
Ongoing Events:
Sunday & Wednesday Morning PrayerWe are still meeting (via Zoom) each Wednesday and Sunday mornings for prayer. You can access each prayer time using the following links (they are the same each week).
Sunday Morning Prayer (7:30am- 8:00am): 
Meeting ID: 258 026 478
Password: 006333
Wednesday Morning Prayer (6:00am- 7:00am):  
Password: 070621
Prayer Requests
You can use the Slack app/website (go to the “prayer-requests-and-needs” channel) to post any prayer requests during this time. We are loving getting to hear people’s needs quickly as well as hearing updates on those needs.  
Slack Site
Sunday Morning Service Guidelines 
If you would like to know our current guidelines (as of 8.19.20) regarding our Sunday morning services, you can check out our website. Information regarding COVID and our current plans is on our home page.
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Building Use
If you would like to use our building, please contact Rebecca Andrews to avoid scheduling conflicts.
There are plenty of opportunities to help out at Summitview. If you aren’t currently serving but would like to, please fill out the Volunteer form in the app or on the website.