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11.3.19 Announcements

Women’s Night Fall Festival- THIS  Saturday

Ladies & young ladies, please join us November 9th, from 6:00pm-8:30pm, at the church for our fall outreach event.  The event will consist of a soup & salad dinner, a short testimony & gospel presentation, and then some fall festival fun!  We will have a traditional cakewalk ($1 per walk) where we will raise money to donate to the Guadalupe Community Center homeless shelter right here in Greeley.  We will also do a question game where we will get to know each other better as well as other fun activities. And, all of November, as well as the night of the festival, we will have a donations jar to raise funds for the Guadalupe Community Center’s Non-Event Charity Ball. 

Bring your friends, family, and daughters!

We’d love your help in bringing items, so see the link in our weekly email to sign up or you can sign up at the table in the lobby today. Please contact Erin Pavlik or Heather Bonnell with any questions.

Looking forward to a great evening together!

Christmas Eve Children’s Production filming- next week

We started making a video for the Christmas Eve service last week involving children at Summitview and adults who would like to be involved.  The video will be a retelling of the Christmas story from Luke 2 with scripture, singing, and children’s thoughts and responses to the story.  We plan to record children during the Sunday school time on Sunday, November 10th & 17th.  If you would prefer for your children not to be involved, please speak with Jack Wuest or Cale Rogers.  Also, if your children normally sit in the service and you would like them to be involved, please let us know.

Memory Madness

Today is the last day to say your verses! If you have not completed your mission, you can still come to the table to say your verses.  Toy store will be held on November 25th. We will take a break from Memory Madness through December and will start back up in the New Year. Thank you to EVERYONE who participated this session! We enjoy hearing all the verses memorized!

Youth Group Food Drive Scavenger Hunt- November 16th

Our Annual Scavenger Hunt will be on Saturday, November 16th from 3-7pm at the Teele’s House (3010 Grand View Dr., Greeley, CO 80631).

Students will be put into teams and head off into different neighborhoods to collect food for the families in need in our community or give to the Weld County Food Bank.  We come back together to see which team won and to eat dinner and fellowship together.  We need students to sign up this year to make sure we get a head count for teams.  We also need parent drivers to make this event a success.  If you are not able to drive, but would like to pitch in, we will need help with food for dinner.  Sign-up sheets will be in the lobby for students, parent drivers, and food items needed to feed our great kids after working so hard.  If you have any questions, please see Darren or Kathy Teele (303-503-2477).

November is Homelessness Awareness Month

There are SO many ways we can help during the holiday season as well as all year round to local individuals and families experiencing homelessness in our Greeley/Evans area. 

  1. Youth Group Food Drive Scavenger Hunt- You can help in driving our teens around or provide food for them that night.
  2. Cold Weather Shelter- All of their dates to provide and serve are filled! But, they welcome donations to provide for the likely 525 individual folks that go to the shelter for food and temporary lodging during our cold winter months.
  3. Guadalupe Community Center- They welcome volunteers to prepare & serve (not provide) lunch and dinner EVERY day of the year. They also seek new volunteers to commit to serve one day a month, as well as sporadic volunteering. And, finally, they welcome donations to help support families that are in need of essential items to get back on their feet.  The women are also collecting monetary donations as we support their “Non-Event Charity Ball” again this year! Look for it by the tithe box.
  4. Baird Survival Bags- see information below to provide items to fill the bags.

Contact Rebecca Andrews if you are interested in more information or links to serving meals at the Guadalupe Community Center.

Join Dusty Kraft with ‘Baird Survival Bags’

The Baird Survival Bag was kick started in November 2016 to help out a homeless man named Terry; a 35 year old man who stood by the entrance of a 7-11 during the coldest days of winter opening doors for customers asking if he could have a warm cup of coffee, always polite, with a big smile on his face.  Alan Baird, Dusty’s co-worker at Realty One Group, wanted to help him get back on his feet and onto the road to success.  That’s when the Baird Survival Bag was created.

Dusty will be collecting items to help those that are less fortunate and are living on the streets.  This year, Alan’s goal is to pass out 250 bags.  The best part is they are going to be giving away 30 bags up here in the Greeley area.  See the insert for a list of items to donate and the link below to the GoFundMe page if you’d rather give monetarily


For more information, you can check them out: