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12.16.18 Announcements

Children’s Christmas Program Practice

Our Children’s Christmas Program will be next Sunday, December 23rd. Our final practice is today during our worship.   Also, we’ll have a Dress Rehearsal this coming Saturday December 22nd from 9:00 am- 10:30am. If you have any questions, please contact Erin Pavlik.

To practice the songs at home, use the following links:



The Son of God Came Down:


What a Glorious Night:


Burrito Fundraiser Update

Kaci & Kari made us some scrumptious burritos the last 2 Sundays and raised $413 for Christine and her work in Central Asia! With the Fall River Missions Society matching donations, that’s $826 going to Christine! Thank you to everyone who donated! And thank you ladies for giving us an easy and yummy way to support Christine!

Candlelight Christmas Eve Service

Join us Christmas Eve, Monday, December 24th, at 4pm for our Candlelight Christmas Eve Service.  We will enjoy singing together and a short lesson as we celebrate the reason for the season, our Savior and King.

Youth Group Bowling Night- December 27th

Youth Groupers, join us for a night of bowling on Thursday, December 27th from 6:30pm-8:30pm.  The cost is $16/student and includes the lane and shoes.  Please RSVP to Kathy Teele by December 23rd (303)503-2477.

Please Pray

Please pray for Randy Meyers as he struggles with pneumonia. Pray for a swift recovery and for grace as he heals.

Please continue to pray for the Taylor family as they deal with the sudden passing of Joey’s mom.

And, please continue to pray for Chelsea Linclau-Watts, Jim & Liz’s daughter, who had an MRI to determine whether or not she had MS due to Lyme’s.  The results came back negative, but please pray that God would help give comfort and healing in this time, as Chelsea struggles with Lyme’s disease.

Also, please continue to pray for Pearl, Linda Wyrick’s co-worker.  She just found out she has a nodule on her lung, more testing will be done.  She was treated this summer for shortness of breath/chest pain and, after testing, was told it was stress related.  In addition to this, the family will have to travel (12/16-12/22) to WI for her daughter, Sam’s, surgery.  It is a complicated surgery which could result in a colostomy bag.  Sam is only 22 yrs old. Pearl’s other daughter, Lindsey (15 yrs old) will be having surgery shortly after the family’s return from WI on 12/26.
Pray for strength and endurance for the family during this already stressful time of year.  The physical, mental, and financial burden may become overwhelming.  Pray that the nodule on Pearl’s lung is non-cancerous/non-life threatening, pray that God blesses the surgeons to allow for complete success without the need for a colostomy bag for Sam and that Lindsey’s sinus surgery is performed without complication.

Christine Chavez Fundraiser

As most of you know, Christine left to begin long-term missions work in Asia.  Christine is still in need of partners to come along side her and offer support on a monthly basis.  This is a great opportunity to advance the gospel in a culture that is unreached for Christ. To help with this effort, the Fall River Mission Society has decided to extend their matching up to $3,000 through the end of December. 

For those of you who are led to become new partners with Christine, we will also match your first three month’s support. To donate and match your contributions, use Christine’s support link.  https://www.ywamcos.org/support?code=648

You can access this link in our app, under weekly announcements.

Once you have donated, YWAM will email a receipt for your records.  To match your donations, please send a copy of your receipt (you may mark out your name!) to Chris@FallRiverMission.org.  Please note on your receipt if you are a new monthly partner so we can triple your donation!

We have a goal of raising $10,000 for Christine.  We know that when God calls, He also provides.  Many hands make light work, so donations of any amount will help!  Thank you in advance for your prayers and support of Christine and the unreached in Asia.