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12.20.20 Announcement

Christmas Goodie Bags- for our Summitview Kiddos
With all of the changes this year, due to the Corona Virus, our Sunday School kiddos will not be performing a Christmas Program, and we also will not be providing birthday cake today to celebrate the birth of our King.  
BUT, we would love to celebrate our kids and all they have persevered through this year!
KIDS- look for a goodie bag with your name on it, on the table in the back. If you do not see your name- please talk with Kelli Wuest or Rebecca Andrews! Please let your parents help you keep track of your bag, since you will find a gift certificate inside.
Also inside, you will find a blank notecard.  We would love for each of you to write an encouraging note to someone you know.  You will also find a couple verses to encourage you as well as Christmas treats! 
Parents- if your kiddo is below Pre-school age (and can’t read or write), you will just find treats in their bags. 
If you will not be at our Sunday Morning Service today or next week, we will be working on getting your kid’s bags to them.  We want them ALL to know how much we miss them!!!
Contact Rebecca Andrews (970)391-9101 with any questions.

Hymn Sing- Sunday, December 20th
We will be having a worship night Sunday evening at 7pm, December 20th.  Please join us as we worship and sing hymn’s together!
Christmas Eve/Candlelight Service- Christmas Eve
Join us at 4pm on December 24th as we celebrate the coming our Savior with singing together and having a candlelight service.
Compassion International- A Chance to Give
This year we are joining Compassion International to help bless the less fortunate around the world.  You will see cards pinned on our Missions wall across from the drinking fountain. 
It’s easy! Just grab a card with a gift/amount that you are interested in and follow the instructions on the back.
These gifts include things such as: Health Bundle- $50, Urgent Medical Care- $50, Bibles for Children- $10, Emergency Food and Water- $30, Vaccinations- $25,
Water Filter- $79, Food for Malnourished Children- $40,
Bathrooms and Hygiene- $60, and Care for a Waiting Child- $40.
JOIN US in blessing these needy children!
Sunday School Needs- we need help
Thank you so much to all who have volunteered to help us fill our Nursery needs.
We need volunteers NEXT Sunday and again starting January 10th.
Toddler age kids can still be dropped off in the nursery!
Thank you, again, for riding this out these changes with us!

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