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2.7.21 Announcements

Sermon: First Sunday

Youth Group Service Scavenger Hunt- February 20th
Middle school and High schoolers, mark your calendar for our Service Scavenger Hunt. We will be meeting at the church at 1pm and doing the hunt until 5pm.
Students- please sign up so we know how many teens we will have.
Also, we need parent drivers! If you can be a driver, please let Kathy Teele know (303) 503-2477. We will also need items to make this event work. If you are interested in providing something, also talk with Kathy Teele.
Also join us Wednesday nights at 7pm at the church building for our weekly Youth Group. And, remember your bibles!
Sunday School Needs- THANK YOU!
Thank you so much to all who have volunteered to help us fill our Nursery needs.
Toddler age kids can still be dropped off in the nursery!
If you would like to sign up to help cuddle some cute little guys, use the link below. We have slots available starting February 21st.
Summitview: Nursery & Toddler Sunday School Sign-Up (signupgenius.com)
Summitview Information
Ongoing EventsSunday Morning Prayer (7:30am- 8:00am): 
Meeting ID: 258 026 478
Password: 006333
Wednesday Morning Prayer (6:00am- 7:00am):  
Password: 070621
Prayer Requests
You can use the Slack app/website (https://app.slack.com/client/T010GTJ9A3H/C010F4WJH7A) to post real-time prayer requests. Go to the “prayer-requests-and-needs” channel on our Slack site to post. We are loving getting to hear people’s needs quickly as well as hearing updates on those needs. 
Sunday Morning Live Stream
We invite you to join us each Sunday for our regular Sunday morning services, but if you cannot attend,  we’d love for you to join our Live Stream (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBkzgOLSAcJbuTC_lufAgbg/live).
Contact Info

Paul Pavlik- paulpavlik@summitviewcommunity.org
Mike Bonnell- mikebonnell@summitviewcommunity.org
General Enquiries, Bulletin/Announcement Requests
office@summitviewcommunity.org Please submit your bulletin and announcement request by noon on the Friday before the Sunday Service.
Building Use
If you would like to use our building, please contact Rebecca Andrews (rebeccaanneandrews@gmail.com) to avoid scheduling conflicts. 
There are plenty of opportunities to help out at Summitview. If you aren’t currently serving but would like to, please fill out the Volunteer form in the app or on the website (https://summitviewcommunity.org/).
Sunday Morning Service Guidelines
If you would like to know our current guidelines (as of 8.19.20) regarding our Sunday morning services, you can check out our website (https://summitviewcommunity.org/). Information regarding COVID and our current plans is on our home page.