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3.10.19 Announcements

Congratulations Natalia & David Turner!

David & Natalia Turner welcomed baby Gabriel Tobias to their family on February 23rd (8 weeks early).  Gabriel was 3 pounds 15 ounces and has been doing well in the Greeley NICU since his unexpected early arrival.  Mom & Dad & baby are doing well, but could use continued prayers that Gabriel continues to grow and be strong as he grows in the NICU.

Youth Group Missions Trip- March 9th-12th

Our Youth Group will be heading to El Paso in March for a missions trip. Please talk to your Youth Group leaders for more information.

Here are some specific prayer request the team has:

  1.  Pray for fruitful and God honoring conversations in our time together and with the Rio Church
  2. Pray for courage and boldness as we pursue intentional gospel conversations with people we don’t know. 
  3. Pray that God would use those conversations for His glory and that we can participate in seeing people put their faith in Christ!
  4. Pray that God will bless our efforts in distributing flyers to draw many to the Rio Church and ultimately to Christ.
  5. Pray that we will be a great blessing and encouragement to the Nelsons and Howells and to the entire Rio Church in our faith, our words, and in our actions.
  6. Pray that we will be gracious and kind with each other in all circumstances.
  7. Pray for safe travels.

Men’s Breakfast- this Saturday

Men, join us Saturday, March 16th for our monthly Men’s Breakfast.  We meet here at the church building at 8am.  If you are interested in bringing breakfast, please talk with Mike or Paul.

Memory Madness

Memory Madness week 6 begins today. Don’t forget to go to the table to say your verse(s).

King Soopers Community Rewards are Changing!

As of 11:59pm March 31st, our re-loadable King Sooper gift cards will no longer be able to earn money for the church.  Instead, we will be able to set up our “Sooper Cards” to Summitview Community Church of Greeley as the reward of choice for our household.  And every time you slide your card or punch in your phone number associated with the card, it will bank money to pay the church quarterly!!! That’s right, NO MORE re-loading or sliding the wrong card for payment! It’s all attached to your Sooper Card!

Start TODAY by:

  1. Logging on to KingSoopers.com
  2. Go to the drop down menu called  “Savings & Rewards”
  3. Select the last option “King Soopers Community Rewards”
  4. Select the blue “Enroll Now
  5. It will prompt you to sign into your account or create one for you Sooper Card. (With this account, you can also load digital coupons to your card, which is AWESOME and now you will be able to do CLICK LIST without having to get out of your car to “pay” with your gift card!!!)
  6. Type in QF948 or you can scroll to find Summitview Community Church of Greeley and select it as your organization.
  7. Save and you’re DONE!

You never have to think about it again and the church will still get those fabulous checks!

If you still have active re-loadable King Soopers Gift Cards, from now until March 31st we can DOUBLE DIP!!! The church will get the 5% they always have plus the credit from swiping your Sooper Card on all eligible purchases!!! You can also set up friend’s and family’s Sooper Cards to help us out!

So, let’s get to swiping and get this building PAID OFF!!!

5x5x5 Reading Plan

Need a reading plan for the new year? The Discipleship Journal has created a simple reading plan that is called the 5x5x5 plan.  5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, 5 ways to dig deeper.  We thought it would be fun and helpful to try to do this plan together, for the sake of mutual encouragement and consistency in God’s word.

Each day Paul will post a video on the blog of him going through the text for 5 minutes. Again, this is meant to be a help to you given how full our days can be.  The hope is to build a desire to spend more time in God’s word each day, and to build the habit of faithful Bible reading.

The video can be found on the blog, on the app or website, in the Media section, or even through our podcast.  Also, there or in our weekly email you can find a PDF of the plan to download.


John 17:6-19

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