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4.29.18 Announcements

Church Work Day- tomorrow 

We will be having volunteers coming from University High School to help paint our building Monday, April 30th from 8am-4pm. One group of 15 students will be coming from 8am-11am and a second group of 15 coming from 12:45-2:25pm and then we will do some clean-up. We would LOVE some additional adult help to aid in directing the teenagers as well as taking the opportunity to minister the love of Christ to them.  We are hoping to paint the Sunday School hallways and do some touch-up paint on the outside of the building.

Please let Marlys Clark (at (970)590-4667) know if you can make it to help Homeschooling families, if you could send your youth group age kids to help this day we would love to have them too.

Also, we have a wonderful volunteer offering to bring in homemade cookies for the kids, but if you are interested in bringing them some additional snacks, please let Marlys know.

Faith Camp 2018 Deadline– tomorrow, April 30th

The response to Faith Camp has been amazing.  We have had a few families back out, therefore there are still spots available! If you are still interested in going to Faith Camp, please talk to Marlys Clark and she can get you more info.  It should be a great time, and hopefully we can get everyone there that wants to be there.

Honduras Mission Trip Team Servant Auction- May 6th

The Honduras Mission trip team is planning a fundraising event on Sunday May 6th, from 12:30 to 2:30pm at Evans City Park. Bring your lunch to the park or go grab lunch and come join us for a Servant Auction and a Pie Auction.  Members of the team will be auctioning off our services, skills, talents, and abilities, to Summitview’ers wanting to buy. (The work will be completed at a later date.)  We will also be auctioning off Pies.

If you are interested in helping, we will have a sign-up in the lobby after church.  We are looking for additional “servants” that would be willing to offer their skills to be auctioned, and for people willing to contribute extra pies.  The money raised will be used for building projects we hope to complete while in Honduras in June.

Please see Jason Hubbard or Lukas Abernathy for more info.

Memory Madness

Memory Madness Madsmashing Week 4 starts today! If you have not completed your mission, you can still come to the table to say your verses.  Keep working on memorizing those verses! Next week is the LAST week you will be able to say any verses for this session.

Church Data Base Update

We are working to update our church data base.  Please fill out the form at https://goo.gl/c4GvQp  and we will get your information updated.  Please note none of your info will be sold. J

Women’s Night- May 12th, 6-8pm

We will be having a reflection and discussion time (and cheesecake) as we talk through all we’ve learned this semester hearing from our amazing ladies.