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6.21.20 Announcements

Sunday Gatherings
We were so excited to meet last week for our 1st Sunday Service in months! We have been working tirelessly to get our streaming working and hope to have worked out all the bugs by this Sunday.
Our Sunday morning services will continue to be accessible via the YouTube link (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBkzgOLSAcJbuTC_lufAgbg/live) for anyone unable to attend in person or uncomfortable with attending due to COVID 19. We love the idea of worshipping together, even if not all of us can worship in person.

Women’s Wellsprings
Hi Ladies! Kelli Wuest, Virginia Rogers, and Erin Pavlik are excited to let you know about an opportunity to hear good teaching, go deep into the word, and enjoy a time of sharpening one another. Two years ago Erin wanted to attend the Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference. However, because of cost, time, and distance, she and Virginia made a plan to reserve a place and stream the conference instead. It was so fruitful that after gathering for a second year with another group of women, we decided we had to make these times more accessible to all of our Summitview sisters! Our plan is to multiply these events and have them regularly scheduled throughout the year. 
We have named them Wellsprings, with the mission being to fill our minds and hearts with the living water of Christ and His Word, so that we can go back to our daily lives and homes and share that refreshment with others. 
What it will look like:
2-3 days of focused, intentional Biblical teaching, discussion, encouraging and strengthening one another in truth, all while enjoying uninterrupted time together! This year’s three Wellsprings will be streaming the Gospel Coalition Women’s Conference. 
Summer Wellspring: July 16th to 18th
Fall Wellspring: October 2020
Winter Wellspring: March 2021
This year we plan to offer three Wellsprings, but if there is a large response, we will add a fourth Wellspring to the calendar. 
Summer Wellspring: Breckenridge, CO
Fall and Winter Wellspring: info to come
Each Wellspring has spots for 4-6 women. We want to maintain an intimate feel and allow time to go deeper with those attending. They are for every woman at Summitview Community Church, but the slots will be given to the first 4-6 women who reserve them. Since there will be 3 to 4 Wellsprings a year, if one fills you shouldn’t have to wait too long to jump into another. 
The three of us are SO excited to see how God will use these times to draw us together and turn our faces to Him. We can’t wait to spend more time with each of you, and strongly urge you to sign up for a Wellspring this year! For further questions please contact:
Kelli Wuest 970 301 0687
Virginia Rogers 970 301 8990
Erin Pavlik 970 978 5276

The Resource Center- Baby Bottle Campaign of 2020
Every year we love to support the Resource Center’s Baby Bottle Campaign.  We usually fill up baby bottles with our change starting on Mother’s Day in May and return them by today (Father’s Day) in June. With this year being like no other year, with COVID 19 closing most of the area’s churches, they have moved their campaign to online giving. Please use this link (https://give.cornerstone.cc/pregnancygreeley+babybottle) to support this amazing organization. And, please feel free to share this information on any social media you would like to.  If you need a copy of the picture, please let Rebecca know and she can email you a copy. 

Prayer Requests
You can use the Slack app/website to post any prayer requests during this time. We are loving getting to hear people’s needs quickly as well as hearing updates on those needs.  (https://app.slack.com/client/T010GTJ9A3H/C010F4WJH7A)

Women’s Weekly Zoom Bible Studies 
Ladies! Heather Bonnell & Monica Chavez are hosting weekly Zoom bible studies.  Monica’s Zoom meetings are on Monday evenings at 8pm and Heather’s are on Wednesdays at noon. They are posting the Zoom meeting links on our Slack app. (see above)