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7.26.20 Announcements

Sunday Mornings- Seats or Live Stream
We are so enjoying getting to see each other’s faces on Sunday mornings and we invite you to join us this Sunday again! Below is the link to ordering your seats for July 5th. 
Use the link below that, if you are unable to attend in person or uncomfortable with attending due to COVID 19, to access our live stream. We love the idea of worshipping together, even if not all of us can worship in person.
** Remember, once on the Utube channel to refresh your browser soon after 9:30am to find the current live stream.
Live Stream
Masks- a note from our Pastors
 MASKS:  As many of you know the state is now requiring masks for all indoor activities.   While there are differing convictions on this issue we ask you to consider the governor’s order.   As a church we will offer masks at the door if you do not have one but would like to wear one.  However we will not enforce the mandate and will not turn anyone away for failure to comply.  We will continue to maintain 6’ spacing between families in the auditorium and coffee bar. 

Article M2 of the order states that masks are not required at food service establishments while seated.  In the spirit of that we believe it is also reasonable for those wearing masks to remove your mask while seated if you prefer.  

We trust we will be considerate towards one another in the weeks ahead and not allow the presence (or absence) of a mask to bring division or animosity to our gatherings together.   Thank you for your continued efforts in loving one another well in this time and for being gracious towards us as we seek to make decisions that honor the Lord, honor our community and help us care for one another well.   We love you all and are excited to meet with you tomorrow!  
-Mike and Paul
Congratulations Bergman Family!
Zechariah Elisha Bergman was born on July 16th at 1:05pm! He was 6 lbs 9 oz and 20 3/4 inches long. Mama and baby are doing well.  And thank you to everyone who signed up to bring them a meal during this time of transitioning to a family of 5.
Yackey Family Meals and Gift CardsBrecklyn had two major surgeries this month, plus Lindsay recently broke her ankle.  Thank you to all who blessed and continue to bless the Yackey family with meals and some restaurant gift cards as they are caring for Brecklyn after the surgeries, going back and forth between the hospital, home and additional appointments for both Brecklyn and Lindsay.  It looks like they could still use some restaurant gift cards if anyone is able to serve them in this way. 
Gift Card Sign Up
Sunday School/Gospel Project Reopening Plan 
A note from our Sunday school coordinators:
Hello friends!  This message is concerning the Sunday School Gospel Project (SS/GP) children’s program and its very own “reopening plan” and we (the Taylor’s and the Wuest’s) are excited to share it.  I realize this is reaching a large part of our church that may not be an active participant in our SS but I think it would be great for all to be informed so that we continue to grow in how we “do” church on Sunday mornings again. 
First off, these decisions were made with utmost consideration of health and safety of all persons in mind.  Second, we want to be in line with the heart of the church, which has been given careful thoughtfulness from Paul and Mike, where the goal is to be as winsome and sensitive as possible. 
So with that in mind this is the plan:  We will begin to have Sunday School classes beginning SUNDAY JULY 19; and we are going to start with only TODDLER (2 years- 3 years) and NURSERY (birth- 1 year) classes.  What that means is preschool-5th grade will continue to be in the service during the sermon and worship times. 
Now let’s start with questions that may arise: 
Q.  What about COVID and social distancing? 
A.  The goal will be to remain safely distanced while together in the classrooms.  It may be quite difficult to keep a safe distance from one another while in the classroom, so it will be according to the parents discretion what would constitute what is  a “safe” distance.  In other words, if it is an issue with other children being close to your children or vice versa, then perhaps it may not be the right time to allow your child into the nursery or toddler rooms during this phase.  Please know that we do understand either way. 
Q.  What about masks? Will they be required? 
A.  No, they will not be required for children but they will certainly be welcomed if they are worn by parent or child.  However, we would like to see the teachers wearing them while in the teaching role.  We understand this may cause some more discussion and dialogue, and we welcome that as well
Q.  How clean and sanitized will the area be? 
A.  We will devote extra hand sanitizer and clorox wipes to these classrooms before entering the classroom. 
Q.  Who will be the teachers for these classrooms and how many children do you anticipate? 
A.   We will reach out to nursery and toddler teachers who are slated to be on for this summer and check their availability and fill in with alternate volunteers as needed.  Attendance may be variable but we will have these classrooms open even if attendance is low.  We are not against having teen helpers participate and we would love it if your teen is involved. 
Q.  When do you foresee restarting SS/GP at full capacity with the addition of the preschool, younger, and older classrooms? 
A.  Our hope is to continue with this plan through July and August.  We would love to be up and running with the full complement of Sunday School classrooms on Sunday September 6. 
There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and re-evaluation until then.  If you are a parent of a child in our program please know that we want to do what is in the best interest of your family, both from a health/wellness and spiritual standpoint. 
If you are a teacher and are wondering about your status, we will reach out to you in the coming weeks so that things will be clear.  We welcome any other questions that were not raised in this email.  I think we all want to get back to the normal operations of church and life, but we certainly do not want to jeopardize the safety of any children in our midst.  As mentioned earlier, we want to move forward, but we want to move forward in a safe and conscientious way.  To God be the Glory!!! 
Sunday & Wednesday Prayer
We are still meeting (via Zoom) each Wednesday and Sunday mornings for prayer.  Check our Slack site for updated meeting links and passwords.  On Sundays, our prayer time will be from 7:30am to 8:00am. And, on Wednesdays, we meet from 6:00am-7:00am.
Slack Site
Women’s Weekly Zoom Bible Study 
Ladies! A note from Heather Bonnell:
We have enjoyed many weeks of Bible Study during COVID and it’s been such a blessing to me. I have appreciated being able to “Zoom-in” minutes before the study and not have to leave our home to still meet together and study the Word!
With school & activities staring back up in August, we will meet the 5 Wednesdays in July and then put our study on hold. We might start back up if we end up quarantined again but will just play that by ear. 
Next week is the last study.
Prayer Requests
You can use the Slack app/website to post any prayer requests during this time. We are loving getting to hear people’s needs quickly as well as hearing updates on those needs. 


Proverbs- Theme 2: Trusting in the Lord’s Wisdom

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