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Announcements: 09.03.2017

Note to Parents

This week, your child will be most likely moving up to a new Sunday School class for the upcoming year! We will make sure that your child is comfortable with the transition and is in the appropriate classroom. Here is a general guideline as to which classroom your child will join this Sunday. If you have any questions or concerns about where is best for your child, please talk to Marlys Clark or Isaia/Krista Aricayos. They are here to help.

Nursery: infants/toddlers before age 2

2/3 Classroom: Any children who are 2 or 3 years old (must already be 2 as of June to move to this class)

PreK Classroom: Any children who are 4 (as of June) or 5 and are not in kindergarten this fall.

Young Gospel Project Classroom: Any children who are in either kindergarten or 1st grade this fall. There are 2 tables in this classroom that will be mixed kinder/1st grade kids at each table.

Older Gospel Project Classroom: Any children who are in 2nd-5th grade this fall. There are tables for each specific grade in this classroom, with a 5th grade table in a smaller classroom near the main classroom.

Youth Group Kick Off

We are excited for another year of youth group and to start our year off right we are going to have a tailgate party complete with a nacho bar and a snow cone truck! We could use your help in providing stuff for our nacho bar. Thank you!


Date: 09/08/2017 (Fri.) Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm EDT Location: Summitivew Community Church–801 37th Street

Life Lessons for Women Series

We will be having a two-part series for the women this fall that we are calling, Life Lessons: Gleanings from Titus 2. In Titus we read, “…the older women should teach the younger women….” and this will be a valuable opportunity to do just that.

We will be hearing from three godly women each evening followed by a time of discussion. Dessert and coffee will be served.

The meetings will be on September 9th and October 14th at the building, beginning at 7pm. We hope to see you there!

Friendship First

Begin with friendship! This six-week course will help you learn how to befriend the Muslims in your neighborhood, workplace, and community. No prior knowledge of Islam or Muslims is needed. You will be equipped to better understand Muslims as people and make genuine friendships with them and share our greatest gift of love with them – Jesus Christ! Register for a workbook @ fellowshipgreeley.org / Cost is $15 per workbook.

International Student Friendship Families

Interested in befriending international students in Greeley?New UNC students from 16 nations have applied to meet and befriend American families.This does NOT involve lodging students, but rather getting together informally as friends about once a month or as they are able.Students vary from one-semester exchange undergrads to 5-year doctoral candidates. For more information on being a Friendship Partner or Family, contact Dave Shelley of International Students, Inc, at (970)515-8691 or nocointernational@gmail.com.

Perspectives Class – Spring 2018

Ryan Visser made and announcement last Sunday on the Perspectives class coming up in the spring. This is an amazing opportunity to gain the perspectives on the world that you may not naturally have. As was mentioned on Sunday, childcare is absolutely free no matter how many children you have, so you parents can do this together at the couple rate, which should be about $22/week for about 15 or so weeks. These are the cheapest date nights you may ever have, and maybe the most intentional and beneficial. For an overview of what Perspectives is you can go to perspectives.org. Here is some of the information for the class offered in Greeley, and more information will be announced as we get closer to the spring:

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
  • Perspectives.org
  • Time: Tuesdays, 6-9pm, for 15 weeks starting January 16, 2018
  • Location: Cornerstone Community Church; 1321 9th Avenue, Greeley, CO 80631
  • Cost: Full price $250 per person
  • Available discounts:
  • Early bird- register and pay in full by 11/15/17, $40 discount
  • 2nd early bird- register and pay in full by 12/15/17, $25 discount
  • Family member- 2nd family member in same household, $50 discount
  • Book discount- $30 discount if you already have or are sharing a book

2017/2018 Sunday School Signups

Our new Sunday School serving rotation begins in September. We will be beginning signups for the new rotation THIS Sunday. Look for a table in the coffee bar area after church and find out where you can serve. We have a 3 month rotation (one month of teaching and then 2 months off) that will run from September 2017 through August 2018.

*If you have a child in our Sunday School program, we need you to serve on a rotation in some capacity* Whether it’s snuggling babies in the nursery or teaching in any other classroom up through 5th grade, or being part of our materials prep team, your help is needed.

Thanks for your service!

Global Refugee Job Opportunities

Full Time Director of Advocacy and Programs for Global Refugee Center/Right to Read. Salary $40-44K per year. Interviews late June, early July with start date August 1st. See full job description and application instructions at www.grccolorado.org/employment

Part time Little Learners Coordinator for Global Refugee Center/Right to Read. See full job description and application instructions at www.grccolorado.org/employment. 20 hours per week/$10.00 per hour. Applications taken until July 7th, start date early August.