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Church Building Fund Progress

As many of you know, we are trusting God to pay off our church building this year so that we can free up that money for more ministry related opportunities. We owe $500,000 but have an anonymous donor… Read More

Book Review: “Not Yet Married” by Marshall Segal

Hello church! The first book that I would like to meet with you about is entitled “Not Yet Married” by Marshall Segal (MDiv, Bethlehem College & Seminary), who serves as staff writer and managing editor at Desiring God…. Read More

Christian Book Blog – “Visiting While Abiding”

Hello Summitview! My name is Lukas and I would like to introduce a small project to you that has long been on my mind. To start this adventure, I would like to mention how much I desire to… Read More

Reading Books Together: The Freedom of Self-Forgetfulness

The thing about pride, is that it is incredibly simple, while at the same time being incredibly complex and pervasive. We in the church have heard time and time again to flee from pride, after all, “God resists… Read More

Reading Books Together: Saturate (Chapters 15-Conclusion)

After two whole months we have finally finished reading our first book of the month. Some of you may still be catching up if you haven’t finished already, and I hope that as you finish you begin to… Read More

Reading Books Together: Saturate (Chapters 11-14)

I don’t know about you, but there was quite a bit written in these chapters that challenged me. To be honest, I’m not sure any summary that I could write would do these chapters justice. Part 4 is… Read More

Reading Books Together: Saturate (Chapters 7-10)

Making disciples. It’s the call that Jesus has placed on his church. But how does it look? What does it really mean to make disciples? In part 3, Jeff Vanderstelt explains what he has found discipleship to be,… Read More

Reading Books Together: Saturate (Chapters 3-6)

I’ve noticed lately that it is harder to remember things than it used to be. I don’t necessarily think it has as much to do with age as it does with the fact that there is just so… Read More

Reading Books Together: Saturate (Chapters 1-2)

Reading books is helpful. Challenging at times, but helpful none the less. Even reading books that just aren’t very good can be somewhat helpful. I don’t think this book, Saturate, will be unhelpful at all given what I’ve… Read More