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COVID-19 Quarantine Plan

The Coronavirus has effectively changed life as we know it, and while the behavior and form of the church must change, the purpose and mission of the church cannot and will not. The church cannot stop being the… Read More

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

From the Pastors of Summitview Community Church Summitview, We have been closely following the news related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the last few weeks. Like many of you, we are thinking and praying about how to best prepare… Read More

9.1.19 Announcements

No Girl’s Bible Study tomorrow- Labor Day We will not be meeting for our weekly Girl’s Bible study tomorrow, due to Labor Day. We will begin September 9th, and meet every Monday evening from 6-8pm at the Turner’s… Read More

7.7.19 Announcements

DTC Information Needed DTC is almost here! Thank you to everyone who registered.  If all students could get your medical release form and (for all students not being accompanied by an adult) a copy of each student’s insurance… Read More