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COVID 19 Information

COVID-19 Quarantine Plan

The Coronavirus has effectively changed life as we know it, and while the behavior and form of the church must change, the purpose and mission of the church cannot and will not. The church cannot stop being the church, ie, meeting together to study God’s word and to pray, serving, meeting needs, etc. We cannot meet as we did and that is unfortunate to be sure, but we can make due with what we have to the glory of God and the good of his church.

This page will be updated as needed depending upon government decisions as well as any changes regarding the spread and influence of the coronavirus.

Sunday Services

Sunday morning in-person services are cancelled for the time being due to the Colorado & Weld county public health orders restricting group size to under 10 people. In the meantime, services will be streamed on our Youtube channel every Sunday morning at 9:30.

Summitview Groups

Due to the same restrictions as stated above, every one of our Summitview Groups will need to change their plans moving forward. While it is still possible to gather together in groups of less than 10 people, we would like all of our groups to continue meeting virtually at their normal times. While we recognize this is not optimal, we cannot give up meeting together entirely.

We recommend using Zoom for these meetings as it has high quality video, the ability to meet with a large amount of people during the call, and a gallery feature that allows you to view most, if not all, of the participants as you would in a real group setting. One downfall is that the meeting length is only 40 minutes, but that is easily remedied by starting another meeting.

You will need to download the Zoom app if you want to use it on your phone. You do not need to register an account with Zoom unless you plan on hosting a meeting. More information on how Zoom meetings work cane be found in this brief video.

We would like to see our Community Groups, Youth Group and Men’s and Women’s meetings still happen in this form for the tie being. We will continue to discuss this with leadership and try to implement these things soon.


Given that we cannot meet in person, communication has become quite difficult. Who do you talk to if you have a need or a prayer request? How can you encourage others in the church if you can’t see them each week? There are many ways to do this ranging from phone calls to email to text messaging. Another tool that we will be using as a church is called Slack.

Slack is typically used for internal communication for business teams to make communication more efficient. Rather than sending your leaders information and having them send them to church staff, we are eliminating the middle man by using Slack.

You will need to download the app if you want to use it on your phone or tablet, or you can use Slack through a web browser. You can use this invite link to join. We ask that everyone in the church would do this so that we can stay connected.

We also recommend, but don’t require, using another app called Whatsapp for voice communication throughout the week. This can be a helpful tool for quick moments of encouragement during this difficult time.


We recognize that there is much uncertainty with regard to all of our financial stability in the coming weeks and months. We ask that you would continue to give, by faith, as you are able. Your giving amount may need to change in time and that is understandable, but we hope that through your giving we will be able to use each tithe to benefit those in need within our church. The only option for giving at this time is through our online service. Please go here to set up online giving.